Arena Update V0.5.4

This will be the final arena update before moving on to expand and refine the overworld features. I decided not to add map thumbnails to the arena lobby menu. Work on the Arena may resume after some attention is paid to the overworld and rpg features.  I have not yet formed a list of features I plan to complete for the overworld update, but that will come with the next update.


  • Teams option in arena(Players can select their team, AIs are split evenly between red and blue teams)
  • AI tweaks dramatically improve performance
  • Texture-based clothing( pants and shirt) and skin
  • Reload animation
  • Smooth aiming transition
  • Can melee with ranged weapons with F(on keyboard) or B(on Xbox 360 controller)
  • Added Menu music.(You can customize it by changing the contents of the folders found within Resources/Music/ in the built games)
  • Shotgun adds up to 150 damage across 10 projectiles now, making it more deadly at medium range.
  • Can no longer reload while dual-wielding.
  • Fixed various bugs.

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Sep 01, 2017

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