Arena Update V0.5.3

This is the third update for the Arena gamemode.

Below is an updated backlog. Once these goals below are done, the first version of the Arena gamemode will be completed and development will move on toward making a second pass at the open-world features.

* Add preview image for maps in Arena Lobby

* AI improvements(Roaming, friend/foe detection)

* Teams/Free For All option in Arena

* Texture-based clothing (To identify team affiliation)

* Gradual aim/aiming animation

* Reloading animations

* Melee with ranged weapons


* Added a sword, rifle, and shotgun

* Weapons default to two-handed until they are dual-wielded.

* Single-wielded ranged weapons can be aimed

* Added primitive weapon sway based on movement and consecutive shots

* Added muzzle climb effected by weapon recoil

* Number of bots and starting kits can be selected in Arena lobby.

* AI detects enemy from longer range.

* Disabled Campaign mode until it is updated.

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Aug 07, 2017

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