Arena Update V0.5.2

This is the second update for the Arena gamemode.

Below is an updated backlog. Some items have been added, others removed. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have input regarding what content and features should be in the backlog.

  • Add preview image for maps in Arena lobby
  • Score count/leaderboard In Arena mode
  • Add new buildings and variants of existing buildings
  • Allow one-handed items to be single-wielded(allowing aiming/melee with them) by default
  • Add two-handed rifle
  • Add sword
  • Add recoil and accuracy mechanics.
  • Teams/Free For All option in Arena Mode
  • More placeholder sounds


  • Map and Duration selection in Arena lobby
  • AI refactored to make future additions easier. Enemies are now deadly at mid to short range.
  • Some buildings have been added to a new map,  Arena_Urban
  • Weapons track continually now.  Aim slightly above the crosshairs for consistent shot placement at range. 
  • Projectiles no longer pass through enemies.
  • The terrain is green now to reduce blinding.
  • A settings menu allows you to globally change volume and sensitivity for both mouse and controller input.
  • Ranged weapons can now use hitscanning instead of projectiles.(This )

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