Arena Update V0.5.1

This first Arena update creates a gamemode to expedite playtesting and provide easy access to the base FPS gameplay.  The second focus on this update was the introduction of humanoid models that use animations and ragdoll effects. Magical abilities are currently broken and will be fixed in future updates. The Arena gamemode will likely take a few more updates to shape up into a configurable local multiplayer. Once core FPS game mechanics have been improved to resemble industry standards, attention will shift onto RPG stat-based mechanics. When these two areas of the game are satisfactory, the focus will turn on the open-world aspects of this game. 

The following is a backlog of features and improvements for future Arena updates. I will accomplish a few of these (and likely others) as I work on subsequent Arena updates. If you have any suggestions relating to these, please leave a comment. 

  • Fix projectiles passing through enemies.
  • Introduce hit-scan ranged weapons.
  • Furnish the Arena with buildings.
  • Add grenades that explode after being thrown.
  • Add two-handed rifle that can be aimed via iron sights.
  • Allow two-handed use of a one-handed items(ie aiming caster pistol).
  • Add recoil and accuracy mechanics.
  • Re-implement magical abilities using humanoid model and animations. 
  • Score count/leaderboard in Arena Mode.
  • Map selection with images in Arena Mode.
  • Duration select in Arena Mode.
  • Allow players to select their starter kits in Arena Mode.
  • Teams/Free For All option in Arena Mode.
  • Refactor AI to be polymorphic and interchangeable like menus are(ie switch AI depending on equipment available).
  • More placeholder sounds.
  • Settings menu to set volume and mouse/controller sensitivity.


  • New Game Mode: Arena- Unscored ten minute death match. 
  • Humanoid models implemented with movement/combat animations.
  • Caster Pistol- Magic pistol that launches fireballs
  • Multiplayer- A second player can play in Arena mode using an Xbox 360 controller.

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Jul 07, 2017

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