Initial release V0.5

V0.5 is the minimally-viable version of this project that covers a number of basic features at some level. Most features present in this version will need to be revised and expanded.  If you have an idea for a new feature or an improvement to an existing feature, please leave a comment below. 


  • Simple Menus/HUD
  • Condition (health, mana, stamina) with regen.
  • Weapons(melee, ranged) and healing item(food) 
  • Abilities(unarmed, fireball, heal self, heal other)
  • Simple attributes/skilsl/XP/levels system.
  • Rooms(interior cells) linked by doors allow indoor exploration.
  • 3x3 grid of outdoor areas(exterior cells) allow outside exploration.
  • Overworld randomly generated upon game creation.
  • Save/load and delete saves
  • Item/NPC spawners
  • Basic combat AI
  • Dual weilding
  • Dialogue system
  • Trading/Looting(NPCs spawn with empty inventories right now)
  • Basic Inventory system
  • "Kill X enemies of type Y" quest.

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Jun 11, 2017

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