Deathmatch Update V0.6.0 (Possible Hiatus)

# Potential Hiatus

The last few months of development have coincided with a job hunt. That hunt has reached its conclusion, and so I'll likely have far less time to invest into this project  in the near future.

# Changelog

* Custom kits- You can now define up to 6 custom kits for use in Deathmatch mode. They are stored at the project's persistent dataPath.

* Kit customization menu-  You can view item models/descriptions/stats in the new kit customization menu.

* Actor movement is capped at 30 moves pet second. Movement should function the same at 30FPS and higher.

* Caster weapons now recharge using the player's mana instead of reloading with physical ammo. Consequently, caster pistols are well-suited for dual-wielding.

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