Arena Update V0.5.5

A great deal of work went into refactoring, expanding, optimizing, and debugging the Arena. 
Future goals include:
* Improving Arena Lobby

* Making distinct gamemodes within Arena.

* Add some form of kit customization.

* Add in magical abilities.

* Improve look/feel of existing menus.


* New Weapon: Auto Pistol- Semi-auto pistol.

* New Weapon: Auto Rifle- Semi-auto pistol, dual-wieldable.

* New Weapon: Single Shotgun- A single-shot shotgun with a lengthy reload.

*Equipped items no longer leave the player's inventory unless dropped.

*Press Q/RB when unarmed to equip the first weapon in inventory.

* Major refactors 

* Stamina is now consumed by sprinting, recoil, and performing melee attacks. 

* Condition(health, stamina, mana) represented by bars.

* Ranged weapons have accuracy influenced by player crouching, sprinting, aiming, and having low stamina.

* Crosshairs updated to expand and retract according to accuracy.

* Player now looks down the sights of ranged weapons when aiming.

* Players and NPCs stagger when receiving more than 20 damage.

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Oct 25, 2017

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