Change of direction

Thorough playtesting the multiplayer Arena mode had revealed quite some room for improvement. In the interest of making this project more portfolio-ready, I will turn my attention back to the Arena mode for the time being. The Adventure mode will be put on hold until further notice. In the mean time, work will resume exclusively on features and content already within the scope of an Arena shooter.

Here's a backlog of goals for the Arena. It is very much subject to change between updates.

  • Implement events and event-handling wherever possible.
  • Rewrite Hotbar to function more like favorite slots in Fallout New: Vegas.
  • Refactor EquipSlot to be more modular and simple.
  • Create class to abstract implementation of Keyboard and Controller input logic.
  • Cone-of-fire for ranged weapons with visual indication.
  • Iron-sights in lieu of reticle when aiming.
  • Streamline Arena lobby UI.
  • Create class for Kit that can read from configuration file(to reduce hardcoding project-specific values).

TL;DR: Going to polish the Arena mode more before I move on to the Adventure mode.

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