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FPS Project
This is is a minimally-viable version of an open-world FPS. The focus is to deliver the basic features found in games such as Fallout 3, Oblivion. The plan is to make a proper game with a cohesive theme and story once this project reaches a polished, feature-rich state.

Feedback is the major reason I'm submitting this project here. This is very much an incomplete product and will benefit from helpful input. As development of this project continues, feedback will be considered when improving and adding features . Donations are greatly appreciated.

Player 1 Controls(Mouse + Keyboard)

  • Aim- Mouse
  • Right Hand- Right click
  • Left Hand- Left click
  • Drop Item/Equip first weapon in inventory: Q
  • Reload- R
  • Melee (with ranged weapon)- F
  • Sprint- Shift
  • Interact/Pickup- E
  • Inventory Menu- Tab
  • Pause Menu- Escape

Player 2 Controls(Xbox 360 controller)

  • Aim- Left thumb stick
  • Right hand- Right Trigger
  • Left Hand- Left Trigger
  • Drop Item/Equip first weapon in inventory: Right bumper
  • Reload/Interact- X
  • Melee(with ranged weapon)- B
  • Sprint- Left Bumper
  • Inventory Menu- Y
  • Pause Menu- Start

The github repository for this project's scripts can be found here


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Has much potentinal, in order to be a good game: needs blood, fluid motion when firing weapons, better graphics, reload animations, more stuff. But it is a good game

its a cool fps game